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By all possible legal means  

1.Serve the cause of Armenia-Diaspora cultural-educational integration:  

a)    Hold reciprocal visits and involve young  volunteers in charity programs,
b)    Hold Armenia-Diaspora intellectual competitions on  such topics as Armenian History, Armenian Art, Geographical names, the Eminent Armenian; use the possibilities of Internet,
c)    Organize seminars for comparing  the methods of teaching Armenian History, Armenian Literature, Armenian Culture, the Armenian Language in Armenia and Diaspora.  

2. Develop advanced methods of civil education among the youth; 

a)    Hold seminars on leading international civil institutes and their experience,
b)    Hold seminars on the following topic-“The Right to Vote as the Guarantee for a Respectable Future”,
c)    Organize seminars, meetings, convene debates on the following topic- “The Role of Youth in Social Development and Future of the State”. 

3. Give financial and moral support to the families of freedom fighters who fell victims or became amputated as the result of war. 

4. Support the development and operation of micro and macro agricultural programs in near -frontier territories and Artsakh  

5. Support the schools of near -frontier territories in Armenia and Artsakh, as well as schools in Javakhq:  

a)    Create school libraries, equip them and supply with necessary literature
b)    Create gym-halls and equip them
c)    Hold classes of Music, Art, etc. and supply with necessary goods
d)    Cooperate with Armenian Apostolic Church and other interested organizations, hold moral-psychological and military –patriotical events; musical, art and sport competitions in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora.  

6. For the propaganda of educational and personal ideas publish papers, calendars, guides, brochures and spread them in RA, Artsakh and Diaspora. 

7. Regularly organize concerts, theatre performances with free admission in near-frontier territories. 

8. Give support to Armenian schools in Diaspora. 

9.  Do everything possible to supply all the schools in near-frontier settlements with computer technologies and modern means of communication. 

10. Build first aid centers in near-frontier settlements, supply with necessary equipment and goods.


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