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Assistance to Self-determined Artsakh 

Luise st. 3, 94140 Alfortville, France 
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What ASA is  

“Assistance to Self-determined Artsakh” (ASA) charity association was established in 1989 in the Armenian community of Alfortville, France.
From the very start of Artsakhian war the members of ASA pledged to support the struggle both morally and financially. During 21 years of ifs existence ASA has carried out a number of target projects undergoing phasal developments. At first the support was purely financial; later the project principles altered, matching the economic and geo-political situation in the region.   

ASA activity covers the following spheres: 
During the years of war all the financial means went to Artsakh to organize the self-defense and take care of the refugees. 
After the ceasefire  agreement of May, 1994 the financial means were addressed to eliminate consequences of war by building first aid centers, supporting the families of victims and granting pensions to orphans. 

Later ASA decided to extend its sphere of activity including Armenia. In cooperation with RA Ministry of Defense, military committees and local governing bodies ASA gave a helping hand to more than five hundred families of freedom fighters who fell victims or became amputated as a result of war. These families lived in harsh conditions. Helping them meant sharing their sorrow and making them believe in a better future. It’s important to mention, that the head of the organization Ara Mavoyan personally visited all these families, learnt about their problems and selected the ones badly needing support. This shows that the proper way of acting and the immediate communication with the families is of principle importance. The organization believed that it’s equally important to help these families to get to know each other. For this purpose they held annual honor parties.   

The committee members of the main organization:  

Khoren Qeshishyan – co-founder
Tigran Cheterchyan – bookkeeper
Ara Mavoyan – president, co-founder  

The Armenian branch of the association “Assistance to Self-determined Artsakh” has been established in 2010, in Yerevan. Major general Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan (Komandos) has been elected as the head of the local organization.


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